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Peppertown CanoeWorld Virginia, Brisbane stocks a large range of Kayaks, and we know that choosing the right kayak is vital to an enjoyable experience and it can be very confusing if you don’t know what you’re looking for.  With so many brands and types to choose from, it really does come down to one question …


How do you want to use your kayak?


Do you want to do short day trips or escape for a few days at a time?  Do you want calm and protected waters or rivers, lakes or calm coastal waters or do you prefer a faster pace and want to take your kayaks into the ocean and surf.  Do you want short day trips or an extended touring experience?


Another important element to consider is how many passengers will be travelling in your boat.  Are you a solo paddler or paddling with a partner?  Will you have small children you want to take exploring?  These are critical questions to answer when making your decision.  To help you decide, we have categorised our kayaks based upon your paddling preference.

Recreational - Sit on Top Kayaks

Sit on Top (SOT) kayaks are designed for those who need to easily enter and exit the water.  SOTs are popular with paddlers who use their kayak for fishing, surfing touring and diving.  Similar in design to traditional kayaks, however instead of sitting inside the kayak, the seating is a moulded depression on top.

Due to the centre of gravity being slightly above the water line, as opposed to below with sit in kayaks, these boats are wider than those of the same length of sit in kayaks and this does make them a little slower.

These kayaks are unsinkable making them perfect for leisure use, sea kayaking and surf conditions; any water that enters the kayak escapes through scupper holes that run from the cockpit through the bottom of the hull.

There are a number of advantages to SOTs.  For paddlers with a larger body type, long legs or limited flexibility, SOTs are less confined than the traditional sit in kayaks.  Another advantage is that should the vessel tip, because of the open deck (rather than an enclosed one) there is less chance of being trapped – making it great for beginner paddlers.  You can add a backrest to the kayak for comfort and thigh braces for stability and increased power for longer distance paddling.

SOTs coming in singles and doubles and a few can accommodation three paddlers.

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Fishing Kayaks

Kayak fishing has gained immense popularity in recent times for both fresh and salt water.  Understandably a stealthy approach to easily spooked fish is a distinct advantage for the keen angler.  Not to mention how inexpensive kayaks are and the little maintenance needed, no towing required and kayaks are easily launched with the use of a trolley.

Fishing kayaks have the advantage of accessing areas where bigger boats can’t go; kelp beds, reefs, mangrove shallows; lakes and rivers and coastal cliff lines.  Fishing kayaks are of similar design to sit in and sit on top (SOT) kayaks, but with the distinct difference of having a wider hull (up to 92cm) for greater lateral stability for safe and effective fishing in a variety of conditions.

Other features included:

  • Considerable storage space inside the hull for rods, fishing gear, batteries, extra paddles and anchors
  • Cuts outs moulded into the hull are well suited to hold milk crates with additional supplies

These vessels can be customised to meet the anglers needs with integrated rod holders, GPS, electronic fish finders, trolling motors, fish tanks, electric bait bucks, solar panels.

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Touring Kayaks - Protected waters

Touring Kayaks protected waters are traditional kayaks are designed for the casual paddler who is looking for a relaxed paddling experience on calm rivers, lakes and sheltered coastal regions.  Predominately made for short day trips, however can be used for the occasional longer trip and make up the largest segment of kayaks.  These style kayaks are not suitable for strong ocean waves and currents or surf.

Recreational kayaks are user friendly and great for those just starting on their paddling adventures and those looking for a family experience.  Recreational kayaks are designed for comfort with Built in back rests for support for comfort over long distances

  • Relatively short, usually less than 4.5m long (singles)
  • Large cockpit to make entry and exit easy
  • They maximize stability
  • Great for a range of activities including fishing, bird watching and exploring

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PFDs - It is a Maritime requirement that one must wear an Australian Standards approved Personal Floatation Device (PFD) whenever kayaking more than 100m from shore, or in the ocean.  We carry a range of Australian Standards approved PFDs to suit every age, budget and paddling needs.

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