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Skyfort special #1 a playground designed all ages.

Not just a cubby house, but much much more. The Skyfort special #1 is designed all ages it is a hi energy get fit challenging super gym. The Skyfort features a quality “high impact HDPE” slides with rise and fall/multi-level play decks and swings that can be easily be interchanged with a large range of Peppertown accessories including trapezes, nest swings, baby swings, disc wings and more. The elevated look out features an adjustable ladder set of the monkey bars with hook on steps, scramble net and a knotted climbing rope for getting upstairs and a sandpit for smaller children downstairsThis Peppertown Skyfort is unique in its value and suitable for children of all ages, and remember every Peppertown design can be altered to suit your available space and child’s capabilities as they grow. - To find out more Peppertown on (07) 3865 5511 or visit our showroom at 1908 Sandgate rd., Virginia Play Harder with Skyfort
Call Peppertown on (07) 3865 5511 or Visit 1908, Sandgate rd, Virginia, QLD, 4014
Skyfort special #2 The compact playfort, perfect for the small spaces and active kids.
Skyfort special #2 The space saver/Featuring Super strong canopy with many colour options Featuring envirologs and enviroply/exclusive to SKYFORT and PEPPERTOWN. Like all Skyforts the Special 2 can be built on any reasonable slope. With only 2 posts in the ground it is easy to install. Featuring decks that set the shape,Skyfort  screws together in a few hours With rise and fall decks,a superior slide,,trapeze and rings a climbing rope,an adjustable scramble net an interchangeable belt swing  this skyfort is perfect for the small space and active kids. - Get fit, Get Skyfort from Peppertown.

“ENVIROLOGS” are specially treated and selected and are of a high grade, PEPPERTOWN does NOT guarantee our “ENVIROLOGS” against CRACKS. nor does Peppertown guarantee our “envirologs” or timber panels against the inherent characteristics of all natural timber that cracks, bows ,twists checks and wane. Peppertown understands that cracks and the like can look unsightly and accordingly offers practical solutions if required, such as fillers and the like at discounted prices. Thank you ~ Peppertown Management