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IMPORTANT. Peppertown Skyfort and playgyms use natural home grown Australian ENVIROLOGS. “Envirologs” have all the features of natural timber products, Peppertown” Envirologs” will often crack after installation, these cracks can be small, sometimes large. This is a natural process and does not effect the integrity or the strength of the playground. IMPORTANT. Although our “ENVIROLOGS” are specially treated and selected and are of a high grade, PEPPERTOWN does NOT guarantee our “ENVIROLOGS” against CRACKS. nor does Peppertown guarantee our “envirologs” or timber panels against the inherent characteristics of all natural timber that cracks, bows ,twists checks and wane. Peppertown understands that cracks and the like can look unsightly and accordingly offers practical solutions if required, such as fillers and the like at discounted prices. Thank you ~ Peppertown Management